Track My Reptile Download Latest Version APK

Download Track My Reptile Latest Version APK

With Track My Reptile you are able to:

• Add your reptiles to the mobile app and create barcodes that can be scanned to identify the reptile;
• Keep a precise record of your feedings, quantities and refused feeds;
• Maintain logs of shedding, weights, length, cleaning and if they require medication it can be programmed into a calendar to remind you to medicate when required;
• View reptile genetics so reptile keepers can have a better understanding in breeding projects and what sort of variations they have the ability to produce through punnet squares. This will be further developed at a later stage to be able to link reptile profiles to show specific outcomes of breeding projects.
• When adding your reptiles into your mobile app there is also the option of inputting recessive and co-dominant genes and if they are full recessive, 100% het or possible hets.
– Now you can add [Daily Actions] right from the [Reptiles] page
– Fixed the crashing issue during the reptile deletion process

>>>Download Track My Reptile APK<<<

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>>>Download Track My Reptile APK<<<

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