Touch4Keyboard/Mouse (for TV) Download Latest Version APK

Download Touch4Keyboard/Mouse (for TV) Latest Version APK

This App is the only one in the GooglePlay Market, that makes it possible to play “any” touch based game without root/hacks/developer options and without Client/Server Apps and requires only a few App Permissions. For this app you need only a small Arduino Board, and you are ready to go!

What you need to play:

– AndroidTV Device like NVidia Shield TV
– USB Keyboard + USB Mouse (no Bluetooth)
– Arduino Board: Micro, ProMicro, Leonardo or Beetle 32u4 USB Stick

How to use:
( “Apps” -> Select an App -> Long Press App -> Info -> Force Stop)

1. Start the App
2. Connect the Arduino Board with the USB Hub (ack USB permissions: click “Ok” quick!)
3. Connect the USB Keyboard and USB Mouse (ack USB permissions, then you will see the Menu)

(when you open the app for the first time: Go to “Settings” with the WASD Keys and map the functions: “Menu”, “Touch Editor”, “Switch Touch/Mouse” and “Switch Mapper Off” with keys. Go back, then close the Menu -> press button: “Menu” Key)

4. Start a game and press the mapped Key for “Menu” on your Keyboard, now you can add some Keyboard and Mouse Touch-Items on the game screen, or load/save/share and download touch settings for each game (if available). Close the menu.

Ready to play.

Notice: This touch mapping app does not require any developer options, also no hacks/root, no SuperSU. It doesn’t change the android system.
Fixed: Randomly hanging Left Stick
Fix for Mouse HighSpeed Modes
Some mouse devices didn’t work, fixed
Fixed Virtual Mouse
Fixed Download/Upload Game settings crash
Fixed Mouse Move Events for some Pro Gamer Mouse Devices
Optimized Arduino Board handling
Fixed some Bugs

>>>Download Touch4Keyboard/Mouse (for TV) APK<<<

Touch4Keyboard/Mouse (for TV)  screenshots 1Touch4Keyboard/Mouse (for TV)  screenshots 2Touch4Keyboard/Mouse (for TV)  screenshots 3

>>>Download Touch4Keyboard/Mouse (for TV) APK<<<

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