InveTrak Mobile – Warehouse and Inventory Control Download Latest Version APK

Download InveTrak Mobile – Warehouse and Inventory Control Latest Version APK

This app requires a active subscription to the InveTrak Warehouse Management Software. visit for more info. The InveTrak Mobile app is designed to support, both, enterprise and consumer grade devices such as phones and tablets. It provides barcode scanning using either integrated scanners/imagers or integrated cameras.

With InveTrak Mobile you can receive inventory, put-away inventory, move inventory, pick sales orders, count inventory, and adjust inventory balances. You can also perform detailed inventory and warehouse location inquiries. All transactions and inquiries are performed in real-time. With InveTrak Mobile, there will be no more searching for inventory and the productivity of your warehouse staff will increase significantly.

InveTrak Software Features:

Multiple Warehouses and/or Stockrooms: InveTrak supports an unlimited number of warehouses and/or stockrooms.

Inventory Locator System: The InveTrak Inventory Locator System is a random storage system that supports an unlimited number of warehouse locations for each product.

Forward Pick: InveTrak provides high-volume forward pick functionality that will have you picking orders faster than ever. You will be able to manage min/max inventory levels in your forward pick inventory locations and replenish those inventory locations easily.

Sales Orders: Provides sales order management functionality. including; backorder management, order release, picklists, packing lists. discount pricing, contract pricing, sales tax, and UM selection at line level for those items having multiple units of measure.

Purchase Orders: Define the details of the purchase or inbound shipments of inventory. Specify items, quantities, prices, terms, and special instructions.

Receiving Inventory: You’ll be able to receive product on your dock or warehouse floor with pinpoint accuracy.

Product Master: The configurable product master supports multiple descriptions, unit of measure conversion, volume pricing, and photo upload. You can also control product attributes: serialized, lot controlled, and lot expiration.

Lot and/or Serial Control: Supports serialized, lot controlled, or serialized and lot controlled products. Also supports lot expiration.

License Plates: The use of license plates is a great way to increase accuracy and productivity as they can significantly reduce the number of transactions necessary to move product within your facilities.

Physical Inventory: Conduct physical inventories faster and more accurately than ever before. Provides mobile counting, recounting, automatic reconciliation, variance reporting, and automatic posting of adjustment transactions.

Inventory Transactions: Adjustments, product moves, load license plates, license plate moves, unload license plates, product ReID and more.
Inquiry: InveTrak provides the following online inquiry features; sales order, purchase order, shipments, inventory, location, license plate, transaction history, and forward pick assignment.

Reporting: Our reporting module includes over 20 reports and Excel downloads. Reports can be generated at the company level or for a specific domain. All reports can be printed or saved in various formats such as PDF. Many of them can be exported to Excel for further analysis.

Inventory Planning: Provides a min/max calculator and min/max inventory replenishment reports. The min/max calculator takes into consideration historical usage and product/supplier lead-times to calculate suggested minimum and maximum levels for your products.

Order Picking: Provides order picking from desktop and InveTrak Mobile. All transactions are performed live and validated for accuracy.

Directed Picking: When using InveTrak’s forward pick module you’ll realize the benefits of InveTrak Mobile’s directed picking functionality. You will pick orders faster than ever before and with an extremely high level of accuracy.
InveTrak Mobile Application releasing it’s first version.

>>>Download InveTrak Mobile – Warehouse and Inventory Control 1.0 APK<<<

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>>>Download InveTrak Mobile – Warehouse and Inventory Control 1.0 APK<<<