Heart rate stress test EKG biofeedback by Welltory Download Latest Version APK

Download Heart rate stress test EKG biofeedback by Welltory Latest Version APK

Measure stress, energy, and productivity in 2 minutes every morning.

Welltory is the #1 app that uses AI to combat stress and fatigue.
Loved by million users, featured by TechCrunch, iMore, Product Hunt, Lifehacker.


Recommended by doctors and coaches Welltory analyzes your heartbeat to calculate your productivity, stress, and energy levels.

Here is a review from a physician

?’Phenomenally Accurate!!! Don’t mistake Heart Rate for Heart Rate Variability. Speaking as a medical doctor specializing in neuroscience and psychiatry, I must state that Welltory is a groundbreaking and phenomenal implementation of health-wellness monitoring and surveillance. I’ve tried MANY other apps but none with the ease of use and accuracy as Welltory! I highly recommend this app!’


Honored by iMore as ‘the friendliest app’ for heart rate variability, Welltory doesn’t require any special knowledge or gadgets.

* Put your finger on the phone camera, stay calm for 2 minutes, that’s all

* Not just pulse tracking, but heart rate variability analysis

* Uses Heart Rate Variability AI to analyze cardiogram, ECG, and EKG data

* Manage high blood pressure with blood pressure tracking & assessment

* Health monitoring available anytime, anywhere

* Simple and clear AI driven recommendations

* Change how you treat your body in 30 days

User review:

?’Awesome way to monitor energy! This is such an accessible and easy way to be more mindful of your body, emotionally, mentally, and physically. I only have the free version of the app but it’s so great, highly recommend!’


* Integrations with Fitbit, Garmin, and other trackers, apps, & gadgets. Sync with Withings, Google Fit, S health, Foobot weather station, MyFitnessPal, and more

* Dashboard with all your data that tracks correlations automatically

* Wellness courses on how the brain and body work: health, nutrition, creativity, stress, productivity, fitness, weight, exercise, heart rate variability, and more

* Dozens of self tests and free assessments: anxiety, depression, and burnout test

* Stress, burnout, depression, and anxiety relief through body mindfulness


* AI that learns from your data to provide personalized recommendations

* Guided experiments to track how meditation, relaxation or breathing techniques affect your stress levels

* 98+ health parameters are calculated every time your measure HRV

* The American Heart Association recommends HRV assessment for ambulatory ECG, EKG or cardiogram interpretation

* An AI health app with a focus on health & exercise results


* Improve your health by keeping your stress & energy levels in balance

* Have more productive days by working with your body, not against it

* Boost energy in the mornings with an AI powered coach

* In 30 days, 82% of our users have 20% more energy and less stress

?’This app will change your life. I am pleasantly surprised at how much it has given me energy. I am a freelancer, so my productivity correlates directly with my income. Stick with it. It’s worth it.’

?’I have been suffering from chronic fatigue, and this app was able to pick that up. That’s incredible.’


We are here to help! Chat with the Welltory team inside the wellness app. There are help pages on every screen.

Welltory PRO features include:

* Cloud storage for your health and fitness data

* Additional 30+ health, blood pressure, activity parameters

* 70+ integrations, including Health app, Fitbit, Garmin, Samsung health, Weather stations, RescueTime, Diet apps, and more

* Focus on correlation analysis for all your data and lifestyle factors

* Premium self tests and courses

New nervous system parameters and even more accurate measurement results.

— We’re even better at analyzing your nervous system activity, which means more accurate results.

— New parameters: autonomic nervous system balance, sympathetic & parasympathetic nervous system activity. Plus a stability index — it shows how likely you are to start feeling worse.

— More detailed recommendations: learn new breathing practices and meditation techniques, get playlists to relieve stress, and more.

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>>>Download Heart rate stress test EKG biofeedback by Welltory 2.3.8 APK<<<