Fire Installer Download Latest Version APK

Download Fire Installer Latest Version APK

Currently working on a Fix for Android 6.0 Devices. google removed the needed adb-binaries from Android 6 Devices. For the meantime -> please use Android < 6.0 Devices. Thank you
With this APP you can select any of your installed apps in this device and install them easily in your Fire TV!

Wanna known more? Just test the self-explanatory app or read on 😉

New: Test our new Fire Installer Pro. It is with new Material Design, Filebrowser, the ability to push also System-Apps (some work on Amazon FireTV’s OS, some not), and new technology. (If this Pro version is not working on your device, try the legacy app Fire Installer instead. Thank you for reporting bugs.

Problems after update? Please uninstall and then install again, sorry!!!

Quick Guide: (also shown on app startup and on selecting help-menu)

(Do the following 2 steps on your Fire TV!)
Step 1 – Enable ADB Debugging
In order for the Fire TV to accept sideloaded apps, you must enable ADB Debugging. You may turn it back off once you’re done sideloading apps.

From the home screen, scroll down to “Settings”
Scroll right to “SYSTEM”
Scroll down to “Developer Options”
Change “ADB debugging” to “ON”
Change ”Unknown Sources” to ”ON”

Step 2 – Obtain your Fire TV’s IP Address
From the home screen, scroll down to “Settings”
Scroll right to “SYSTEM”
Select “About”
Scroll down to “Network”
Write down the numbers next to “IP Address”

Known bug(Working on it): if all apps installed succesfully on your firetv you may safely force-close the app from your phone’s settings menu. will be fixed in next releases.
Last but not least: thanks for trying/using our app. We are happy for emails and Google play ratings and comments. Thank you!

Proudly open-source, hosted @ Github.

android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE – for ADs in free version
android.permission.INTERNET – for ADs in free version

Funktiongraphic created with different sources like Design vector designed by Freepik amazon fire TV is a wordmark by amazon. Sideloading is a officially supported way for pushing apps to devices which developers use. We’re not officially cooperating with amazon or any subcompany.

If you encounter much Problems with an update you can get older version here but without support for update notifications from google play:
— v0.9 — Bugfix Update —
Hope to finally fixed black empty or white empty Screen on Startup – turns out some google library blocked after first starting.

Still Errors? Please delete the App and install again once, or go to your phone’s settings and clear data and cache of fireinstaller-app.(needs to be done only once and only if the app dont start correctly)

— working on next big update with better usability and better user interface — tipps? suggestions? feedback? drop me a mail! 😉

>>>Download Fire Installer 0.9.5g free APK<<<

Fire Installer 0.9.5g free screenshots 1Fire Installer 0.9.5g free screenshots 2Fire Installer 0.9.5g free screenshots 3Fire Installer 0.9.5g free screenshots 4Fire Installer 0.9.5g free screenshots 5Fire Installer 0.9.5g free screenshots 6Fire Installer 0.9.5g free screenshots 7Fire Installer 0.9.5g free screenshots 8Fire Installer 0.9.5g free screenshots 9Fire Installer 0.9.5g free screenshots 10Fire Installer 0.9.5g free screenshots 11Fire Installer 0.9.5g free screenshots 12

>>>Download Fire Installer 0.9.5g free APK<<<