DVB-T meter Download Latest Version APK

Download DVB-T meter Latest Version APK

Note: this application requires a USB DVB-T BDA receiver connected to your computer, with access to a computer network. If you do not have one – do not try to install the app because it will not work. This is also very early version – all comments are welcome 🙂

Server part is available from here: http://www.esys.com.pl/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/DVB-T-meter.zip

The principle of work this app is simple: using a computer network the application displays digital terrestrial television signal level bars on the screen of your phone or tablet. In addition, if you have for example TBS 5 880 – application shows BER and the signal level. Before using app I strongly recommend to read the instruction manual and visiting the project, because to work correctly you need to download application, which sends network informations from the DVB-T card.

The software is in the early stages of development. If something does not work correctly, I would ask for send me e-mail. This will make easier to remove the problem.

>>>Download DVB-T meter 1.0 APK<<<

DVB-T meter 1.0 screenshots 1DVB-T meter 1.0 screenshots 2DVB-T meter 1.0 screenshots 3DVB-T meter 1.0 screenshots 4DVB-T meter 1.0 screenshots 5DVB-T meter 1.0 screenshots 6DVB-T meter 1.0 screenshots 7DVB-T meter 1.0 screenshots 8

>>>Download DVB-T meter 1.0 APK<<<