Shoebox spectrophotometer Download Latest Version APK

Download Shoebox spectrophotometer Latest Version APK

The shoebox spectrophotometer app allows your smartphone to be used as the light detecting (and absorbance calculating) part of a spectrophotometer. The rest of the spectrophotometer you will need to make yourself!

This is the app used in the article, ‘Demonstrating Principles of Spectrophotometry by Constructing a Simple, Low-Cost, Functional Spectrophotometer Utilizing the Light Sensor on a Smartphone’, published recently in the Journal of Chemical Education,

There is an overview of how this can be done simply from a shoebox, a DVD and some building block on the YouTube link below.

Please note, your smartphone must have a light sensor for this app to work

Have fun!

Demonstration screencast:
1st version

>>>Download Shoebox spectrophotometer 1.0 APK<<<

Shoebox spectrophotometer 1.0 screenshots 1Shoebox spectrophotometer 1.0 screenshots 2

>>>Download Shoebox spectrophotometer 1.0 APK<<<