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Popcorn English takes an alternative approach to the “Watch movies to learn English” idea by providing a toolset allowing you to find, analyze, and study new words from a given movie or episode before actually watching it.

Popcorn English is for people who fall into one of two categories:
– Those who find that dictionary breaks ruin their favorite shows,
– Those who are fluent enough to understand words from context, but immediately forget them.

* How does it work?
The user finds the movie or episode they want to watch and the app automatically builds a collection containing all words from the script.

* Can I play videos in the app?
We do not provide any content other than words in their infinitive form and their translation.

* Do you have word sets for the latest shows on TV?
The database is updated every day, and in most instances you will be able to find the show you’re currently following.

* Are translations bound to the context in which they were used?
They are not. Dictionary translations for the most common meanings are provided instead.

* There are thousands of unique words in each movie, how to navigate through them?
Words that you know must be removed. Whenever you create a new collection, words you removed in prior collections are hidden automatically.

* So I have this list of words with translations, how am I supposed to memorize them?
There is a set of tools we designed to make studying a little easier, such as flashcards, quizzes, examinations and spaced repetition.
Stay tuned for more features in the upcoming release!

* People tend to forget things – is there an alternative to revisiting collections for a movie which I’ve already seen?
There is! Spaced Repetition. This is a popular technique for learning and revisiting already learned things.
We implemented it in the app – it’s not bound to any particular collection and prioritizes cards based on your feedback.

* How accurate is the app?
It’s about 95% accurate.
Movie scripts include names, abbreviations, slang, foreign words or even misspelled words.
Sometimes this manifests itself as meaningless junk in collections, or the opposite – we may accidentally filter a regular word out.

* Can this app be used to study words from other sources, such as books, songs, etc?
Yes! You can create custom collections and manage them as you like.
* New languages!
* Promocode
* Bugfixes

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>>>Download Popcorn English 1.0 APK<<<