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A magical RPG world of adventure awaits you. You will meet heroes and goblins, friends and foes! But you won’t be alone, as you walk this path you shall gather a powerful team by your side. Only together can you defeat the evil that has overtaken your kingdom! But it won’t be easy, countless bloodthirsty monsters await. Demons, cyclops, the desert sand worm, undead pirranna plants and worse.

When Castellan sent forth his blue-eyed boy Eric to lead the king’s guard to the borderlands, he thought it was just a routine goblin-slaying mission. But with an ambush of black magic, the evil Warlock Timor saw that the mission was over before it began. When Eric awoke, he found the entire king’s guard had been killed, and the kingdom was in chaos. You -Eric- are the only one who can restore the kingdom.

This game is an RPG with a cool Real Time battle system!
MOVE: Drag from your hero to the place
ATTACK: Drag from the hero to the monster
SKILLS & MAGIC: Tap your hero then choose the skill


* Collect heroes and add them to your party, use their unique skills in Real Time battle
* Over 80 types of monsters—-from goblin to dragon—each requiring a different technique and strategy to defeat
* Vast landscape to explore with vivid scenery.
* Hero creation via Hero Wake with hundreds of skills to learn.
* Over 500 pieces of equipment to gather & equip.
* Social RPG! Share your achievements and reap the rewards of playing alongside with your friends!


Soldier — A melee warrior, powerful offense and defense
Holy Knight – Masterful with the shield and empowered by holy spells of protection.
Berserker – A bloodlusted warrior with powerful offensive skills

Priest – A healer who can revive fallen comrades
Bishop – Can bless his allies and strengthen them in battle

Wizard – A trainee in the art of magic, the wizard can conjure powerful spells
Dark Wizard – Uses black magic to land destruction upon his enemies
Battle Wizard – The only hero known to teleport, he goes where he is needed

Robber – A young criminal turned good, his abilities should not be underestimated.

Kingdom in Chaos is a immersive RPG with a fun real time battle system you can pick-up and play any time!
1.New Christmas weapon added.
2.New Christmas activities added.
3.Bug fixed.

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