Karate Buddy – Fight for Domination Download Latest Version APK

Download Karate Buddy – Fight for Domination Latest Version APK

Are you ready to kick some butt, grasshopper?

Welcome to the world of KA-RAH-TEY! This is a Japanese martial arts that will make you as tough as NAILS! Unleash your inner fighter and show the world who is best! Train in the dojo, outmaster your master, and strive for the black belt. Begin as a pupil, but end as a sensei. There are two modes in this game: Arcade and Battle mode. Use Arcade mode as practice and train with the Sensei. Master stances, blocks, strikes, punches like a choku tsuki, and kicks like a mae geri! Perform spins, flips, and other cool stuff. Utilize various combinations of amazing attacks that prepare you for battle. In Battle mode, take the fight to the streets and let your opponents taste the pain of defeat! Put all the moves and attacks you’ve learned to the test! Fight to survive with many bosses such as other karate pupils and competitors, thugs, gangsters, and criminals. The wide range of fun and exciting missions will give you an unforgettable experience of thrill and adventure!

This is your time to shine and show that your firsts and feet of fury are stronger than any weapon! Channel your inner karate star, and remember to BREATHE and be patient. Karate is also the art of timing. YOU are the sole master of your destiny, so take it by the horns! Show no mercy to those who dare to stand in your way! There can only be ONE champ, and who better than you?

Karate Buddy – Fight for Domination Features:
-Two modes: Arcade and Battle
-Intuitive, easy controls
-Awesome martial arts moves and attacks to master
-Perform stunts and tricks like spins and flips
-Realistic Japanese City Street Environment with 3D graphics
-Engaging background music
-Thrilling and challenging fighting missions with various bosses
-Easy and fun to play!

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>>>Download Karate Buddy – Fight for Domination 1.1 APK<<<