Kapi Hospital Tower 2 Download Latest Version APK

Download Kapi Hospital Tower 2 Latest Version APK

Kapi Hospital Tower – The Wacky Doctor Game

Prove your skill as a chief of medicine and manage the craziest hospital in the world. In the entertaining app Kapi Hospital, you’ll build your own clinic from the ground up. Your waiting rooms are packed with patients suffering the strangest diseases. Battiness, panda eyes and soap bubble burps are only some of the hilarious afflictions ailing your patients.

Hire doctors, set up treatment rooms, master organizational tasks, heal your patients and expand your hospital. In your Kapi Hospital Tower, you’ll work your way towards the Olympus of the demigods in white in a hospital game experience like you’ve never seen before. Full of humorous ideas, you’ll split your sides in this delightfully entertaining hospital simulation. Kapi Hospital Tower’s many doctor game features include:

– diverse treatment rooms, covering orthopedics and x-rays to dermatology and dentistry
– exciting tasks and hospital game challenges to master. Treat maladies, produce medicine, send your doctors on break, manage your patients’ healthcare, expand your hospital and increase your profits by curing complicated combinations of symptoms
– useful doctor game rooms such as intensive care, observation stations, and the chief of medicine’s personal treatment, which increase your game currency
– different production sites for medicines and medical supplies, including the quackery, toy workshop and high-tech medicine departments
– lovingly-detailed graphics in a cute cartoon style
– captivating gameplay that guarantees long-lasting fun
– customization options with every new level

Kapi Hospital Tower – The Craziest Hospital Game

Take care of your patients, manage your doctor’s schedules, expand your hospital and master the challenges of a medic’s everyday life. Download the doctor game and get started now! Wacky hospital game fun awaits you – open your Kapi Hospital Tower now and turn it into an impressive clinic. Build your hospital and discover the exhilarating experience of this simulation!
During their relentless efforts to optimize their lab’s workflow, Kapi Hospital’s scientists have discovered a bug in the research facility. Working day and night, they were able to resolve the issue eventually. This means that patients can now be discharged from the research lab after a quick check-up. Any research credits spent in excess will be reimbursed when the patients are ready to leave the lab. Wishing you much success with your research and endless fun playing Kapi Hospital Tower 2!

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>>>Download Kapi Hospital Tower 2 APK<<<