Japanese Download Latest Version APK

Download Japanese Latest Version APK

This Japanese/English dictionary is massive, yet easily fits inside your Android phone or tablet. Contains more than 174,650 entries and 52,000 examples, as well as stroke order animations for kanji. Japanese works completely offline, an internet connection is not required.

・Extremely fast startup and search
・Search either English-Japanese or Japanese-English
・Results are sorted by relevance. The best match appears at the top, so you can reach the right word quickly
・Begins-with (“free” to find “freely”) or exact match (“free”)
・Enter Japanese words in the Latin alphabet
・Entering conjugated forms (ex. 食べます tabemasu) will find the proper dictionary entry (食べる taberu)
・Enter a number to see its Japanese pronunciation

Enter unknown characters in different ways:
・Input SKIP code (for example Left-4 Right-9 will find 福)

・Free and regular updates
・Example sentences include reading hints
・All pronunciations can be shown in the latin alphabet (romaji)
・Conjugations of verbs, adjectives
・Compounds (引く hiku is contained in 引き出す hikidasu, 注意を引く chūi-wo-hiku, …)

・Create your own vocabulary lists
・Add notes to dictionary entries
What’s new in Version 2.1:

– Bugfixes
Fixed a bug which made the app crash when learning lists
Furigana can now be properly turned off in Study mode

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