HowdyDo Messenger-Chat Download Latest Version APK

Download HowdyDo Messenger-Chat Latest Version APK

HowdyDo! Messenger With Live Streaming Capability is a FREE messaging app available for Android and other smart-phones. HowdyDo uses your phone’s Internet connection to
– Chat
– Form Groups
– 1-1 or Conference Voice or Video Call
– Live Stream to public or to specific groups.
– Watch recorded videos post live stream.

Create groups or chat 1-1. Your groups can be 100,000+ and with the option of admin only posts on chat, you control what is being shared. Invite the entire group to an event in 1 click which send out SMS invitations.

When you create a group you can setup it to allow users(members of a group) to chat or you can say only admin of the group can post on chat and others can only consume the chat.

The phone numbers of the users are never made public to group members and privacy protected.

You can chat, voice call or video call 1-1 with your contacts. You can have a voice or video conference call with your group or event attendees. The message goes as an SMS if the user is not on HowdyDo.

Live Stream right from the messenger to public or to specific groups. Users can even watch recorded videos post live stream.

Your photos become an album. Worried about storage and wondering where all the pictures are stored? With HowdyDo you all the photos and videos you share in the chat and groups become an album and stored in HowdyDo. You can get your pictures by your life events such as Birthdays, Wedding etc without having to search for them.
Features include:

• Instantly share messages, images, videos and files of any kind within groups of any size
• SAY NO TO USERNAMES AND PINS: Why bother having to remember yet another username or PIN? HowdyDo works with your phone number, just like SMS,
• See who’s reading your messages with read receipts
• Email notifications of missed messages and invites
• Voice and video calling and conferencing
• Highly scalable – supports hundreds of rooms and thousands of users
• Fully synchronised message history across multiple devices and browsers
• Finely configurable notification settings, synchronised over all devices
• Infinite searchable chat history
• Full message search
• Excellent support for all android device sizes and orientations

We’re always excited to hear from you! If you have feedback, questions, or concerns, please email us at:
[email protected]
or follow us on Facebook
– Bug fixes

>>>Download HowdyDo Messenger-Chat 1.1.9 APK<<<

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>>>Download HowdyDo Messenger-Chat 1.1.9 APK<<<