Football Stadium Design Download Latest Version APK

Download Football Stadium Design Latest Version APK

In modern stadiums in England as well as in Europe, the stadium is not just a sports venue. The stadium can also be a parking lot (if the stadium is located in the center of the city), providing a stadium restaurant, an official knick-knacks shop, a stadium tour, a team museum, until willing to rent stadiums for concerts, festivals and even other sporting events.
In the standards set forth by FIFA through “Football Stadiums: Technical recommendations and requirements”, there are certain standards in every stadium development or lease for use in a soccer game. FIFA clearly suggested the stadium to be able to hold other sporting events as well as entertainment events aimed at increasing the level of usage and also financial. Recommendations from FIFA include stadiums for other purposes related to the stadium owner (eg teams) and the surrounding environment (eg for parking or rent for other events). In the document is clearly written: “Football stadiums can be used for entertainment events such as concerts, festivals, theater acts, and other events.” In the execution, the use of stadiums for events other than sporting events can indeed increase the financial benefits for stadium owners. This cost they can also spend partly for the cost of stadium maintenance is certainly not cheap. In addition to money issues, the functioning of the stadium for other events can be an important part in the stadium’s contribution to the community and the environment. This is why stadiums are often rented outside sports events.
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>>>Download Football Stadium Design 1.0 APK<<<

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>>>Download Football Stadium Design 1.0 APK<<<