Egg Recipes : Breakfast Special Download Latest Version APK

Download Egg Recipes : Breakfast Special Latest Version APK

Egg Recipes: Breakfast Special is a free app that will introduce you to a large collection of egg dishes. For a healthy lifestyle, breakfast is mandatory. With egg as a primary ingredient, you can have a bunch of healthy breakfast ideas at your fingertips from our app.

Eggs have been a dietary staple since time immemorial and there’s a good reason for their continued presence in our menus and meals. Not only they offer culinary varieties but also hard-boiled eggs, omelets, deviled eggs are a source of protein, calcium, vitamins, and nutrients. Though relatively small in size, eggs pack a lot of nutrition and can be an important staple in a well-balanced diet. Eggs are a good source of protein (both whites/yolk). Both the white and yolk of an egg are rich in nutrients, including proteins, vitamins, and minerals. The yolk also contains cholesterol, fat-soluble vitamins, and essential fatty acids. Eggs are also an important and versatile ingredient for cooking, as their particular chemical make-up is literally the glue of many important baking reactions. They also contain heart-healthy unsaturated fats and are a great source of important nutrients, such as vitamin B6, B12, and vitamin D. It also contains various trace nutrients that are important for health.

If you are a fan of yummy breakfast recipes, then there should be an egg as a primary ingredient. From fried eggs to egg biryani, there are a bunch of lunch and brunch ideas that are there in the egg recipes app. You must be aware of high-cholesterol content in the egg. Our app has got a lot of eggplant recipes which is used as the most popular substitute for eggs.

If you are a beginner or confused about what to cook egg recipe app provides you with cooking videos to help you out. By using our app you can choose whatever cuisines following your needs. This recipe book will introduce you to a wide collection of seasonal dishes with detailed cooking videos.


Egg Recipes app is simple to navigate and also has multiple tutorials available on how to use the app.
As the recipe is a set of instructions for cooking, our app also provides nutritional information, servings, total time for preparation and recommendations so that nothing can go wrong when you’re cooking.

Theme Support

Protect your eyes from being hurt by a bright screen at night by enabling dark mode.
Make your omelet cooking experience more comfortable at night.

Smart Shopping List for Your Egg Cooking

An organized shopping list allows the user to create ingredients list so you won’t miss any for the recipe. Users can also add items directly from recipes.
It also has offline access.

Search 1M+ Egg Dishes

Apart from shopping list our app also provides a global search feature
where you can find breakfast recipes you looking for or discover new recipes

Collect Your Favorite Breakfast Specials

Use our bookmark button to save and organize recipes in your favorite recipe list. They also have offline access.

Personal Profile

Do you have a wonderful egg dish that you’d like to share? We would love for you to upload it. To submit your tasty recipe all you need to create an account. In addition to that, you can also upload your tasty food photos, and leave feedback, comments, and tips over our chef community.

Native Language

Another key feature of our app is it supports multiple languages.
Currently, we offer around 13 main languages.

Recipe Finder for your Omelet

Recipe Finder can help you find a good recipe based on what you have in your fridge. You can provide a list of ingredients you have and bounce ideas off recipe finder so you never end up wasting any food!

Download the free Egg Recipes app today. Happy Cooking!
* Introducing all new ‘Dark theme’!

* Added more cooking videos
* Added more recipes
* Subscriptions available to remove ads
* Now you can also search for recipe videos
Enjoy Cooking!!

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