Calc of Clans Download Latest Version APK

Download Calc of Clans Latest Version APK

Calc of Clans is a Companion app for the top grossing game Clash of Clans. With this app you can easily keep track of your current ‘stats’ in the game and check easily what you still need to upgrade. That way, in a blink of an eye, you can check how much resources it will take to upgrade your base as well as how much time it will take.
version 2.0.16:
– fixed hogriders

version 2.0.15:
– Bowler update !

version 2.0.14:
– Times to upgrade are implemented
– Changed the icon
– Fixed My Village tab

version 2.0.13:
– minor bug fixed

version 2.0.12:
– bug fixes
– new list layout

version 2.0.11:
– minor bug fixes

version 2.0.10:
– bug fixes (buildings resetting)

version 2.0.9:
– setup should be ready

version 2.0.8:
– fixed laboratory

version 2.0.7:
– Town Hall 11 update

>>>Download Calc of Clans 2.0.16 APK<<<

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>>>Download Calc of Clans 2.0.16 APK<<<