Download Latest Version APK

Download Latest Version APK

Welcome to! The great fighting arena IO game out there!

Are you ready to face hordes of enemies? Awesome! You have tons of weapons to choose to do so. Don’t be shy – be quick! Don’t be afraid – be crazy!

Your average lifetime is just 60 seconds? I gotta tell you, you’re good at it! This is a crazy world of the bloody battle arena where you fight fast, die fast, evolve fast and kill fas… well that depends on your gear so don’t waste our time and get some gold!

Jump into the BrutalMania IO fighting arena game and kill for gold and glory!

Do not hesitate, do not think too much, just get crazy and fight! You kill or you die, and when you die, be happy. Be happy because it’s the time where you upgrade your weapon and character evolution. Done upgrading? Awesome, now go and get crazy!!!
– (Controls) Smart/Static thumbstick options to choose

– Rate us popup should no longer bother you with every game
– The bug where some players could not level up characters is now fixed

>>>Download 1.0.18 APK<<< 1.0.18 screenshots 1.0.18 screenshots 1.0.18 screenshots 3

>>>Download 1.0.18 APK<<<