Aberto Sonorus Download Latest Version APK

Download Aberto Sonorus Latest Version APK

Launch Android Applications through Amazon Alexa by setting them as “smart home devices.”

Easily add these devices to your smart home Routines, e.g.:
“Alexa, watch Netflix” turns on the TV and receiver, dims the lights, wakes up the Android TV and launches the Netflix app. The only thing it doesn’t do is make popcorn (…yet).

Requires setting up the on-device Aberto Sonorus Android app and enabling the Aberto Sonorus Alexa skill–account linking done through Amazon. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to control your Android apps on your AndroidTV, tablet, or phone.

For example:
* Alexa, turn on/off Netflix (launches/closes an application)
* Alexa, next/previous on Plex (plays the next/previous item on whatever application is in the foreground)
* Alexa, set volume to 5 on Google Music (sets the volume on the device)

Enable any of the pre-classified apps on your device, or add any launchable app.
Fix for devices already logged into non-NA accounts.

>>>Download Aberto Sonorus 0.2.4 APK<<<

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>>>Download Aberto Sonorus 0.2.4 APK<<<