2048:card games Download Latest Version APK

Download 2048:card games Latest Version APK

??Join us! This is the 2048 number puzzle game created by cool bean games studio.

??2048 card game is a classic 2048 puzzle game. Slide the cards and merge to reach 2048.

??Starting from 2, it reaches 32,128,512,1024, and finally to 2048.And keep going for a high score!

–Sounds cool?

➡️DOWNLOAD NOW .. We are sure you will enjoy a lot.

–How to play
Swipe to move cards. When two identical number cards are connected, they merge into one card! Reach 2048.


* Score mega points with combos
* Make a 2048 card to unlock a special bonus lucky
* Wild card can merge with any number
* Discard the cards you don’t like

–It’s so easy to share with your friends and they’ll love you for doing so.
Fix some Bugs

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>>>Download 2048:card games APK<<<