1000 Degree Knife Challenge Download Latest Version APK

Download 1000 Degree Knife Challenge Latest Version APK

Welcome to this glowing knife simulator where you will be able to slice objects as your favorite youtubers life are doing.

1000 Degree Knife is the new popular challenge for young people and the very first trend challenge of 2017, leaving behind 2016 with a raft year of challenges with the awesome bottle flip on the lead (you can check our version of bottle flip challenge game)

How it works?
Simple slice your finger through to given objects, right after a craft glowing knife will do the rest.

Mode selection.
Standard game mode: Slice the objects and cut it in tiny slices
Reigns game mode: Slice faster than pewdiepie!
Party hard game: Smash or pass the objects

In the next party hard mode you will be able to compite with your friends and climb high in the ranking,also you will be granted to choose between different scenarios, like the happy room scenario, creating a perfect game combo! Happy room is part of the party hard mode. We are introducing new scenarios and now we are currently working in the hello neighbour scenario, full of surprises!

As a recommendation we suggest to do not slice the object in many parts, doing so you will have a better game experiencie. This game contain some ads but those are not intrusive at all. In the next version of the game we will be introducing a funcionality to disabled it through in-app.

This game is still in his early steps, in the new few weeks we will be adding a lot of new content and new funcionality!

>>>Download 1000 Degree Knife Challenge 1.0.69 APK<<<

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>>>Download 1000 Degree Knife Challenge 1.0.69 APK<<<