Spirit Box Lite Download Latest Version APK

Download Spirit Box Lite Latest Version APK

A NEW type of Spirit Box Communication!

You can now download extra Soundbanks, containing an extra 100 sound clip files at a time. When they are available for download, the app will tell you, follow on the screen instructions.


What we have in our app is effectively the most unique self contained spirit/ghost box app.

The audio soundbank (containing over 2000 audio clips) is taken from AM FM CB CW VHF UHF, Morse, various ghost box recordings & phonetic audio from single words in many different languages (Some even overlayed & echo’d) & a few other sources.

In chopping them down to 1 second clips, it’s very hard to create a full sentence from a 1 second clip & any words in there will be totally unrelated to possibly any question a person may ask.

This is probably the first of its kind. We know that many have wanted something like this for a while now.

Random is the best way to describe what is happening in the audio… there really is no way to judge what will be said at the same time of a question.. The best thing about it is.. because it uses a more phonetic sound in the clips, we should be able to get foreign language usage & responses from it too.

Just be warned its not for the faint hearted, this can be a terrifying experience if you have never touched a ghost box before so we recommend researching about the ghost box before deciding to try one for real.

Simply click on “Start”, this will open up the player and the sounds will start playing. When you have finished click the “Back” button on your device, this will take you back to the “Start” screen, from here it is safe to close the app down.

Please, if you find any bugs or the app crashes, please submit the bug report so I can fix the problem, thank you.


This is a large file, over86MB, so please make sure you have enough room on your device.

** Disclaimer **

Use at your own risk, I cannot be held personally responsible for you or any outcome (paranormal or otherwise) from using this app!
bug fixes

>>>Download Spirit Box Lite 4.0.3 APK<<<

Spirit Box Lite 4.0.3 screenshots 1Spirit Box Lite 4.0.3 screenshots 2Spirit Box Lite 4.0.3 screenshots 3Spirit Box Lite 4.0.3 screenshots 4Spirit Box Lite 4.0.3 screenshots 5Spirit Box Lite 4.0.3 screenshots 6Spirit Box Lite 4.0.3 screenshots 7Spirit Box Lite 4.0.3 screenshots 8Spirit Box Lite 4.0.3 screenshots 9Spirit Box Lite 4.0.3 screenshots 10Spirit Box Lite 4.0.3 screenshots 11Spirit Box Lite 4.0.3 screenshots 12

>>>Download Spirit Box Lite 4.0.3 APK<<<

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