Secrets of Empire Download Latest Version APK

Download Secrets of Empire Latest Version APK

Secrets of Empire is a brand new empire life simulation RPG game allows you to experience life as a king the magnificent. Here you will manage your country, oversee your council, handle affairs, marry beauties, recruit ministers and generals, expand your name and fame by conquering cities, and more!!!

Game Features
Manage Your Kingdom, Rule Like A King
– Oversee your council, levy tax, food and soldiers from your people to strengthen your rule. My king, what your choice will be? Will you work your people hard and govern them with heart of stone?
– Handle affairs, deliver justice and fairness to your people when encounter different event, issue edicts to bloom your realm.

Marry Beauties and Raise Your Heirs
– Meet and date beauties from famous houses, indulge yourself in loves, get married to them all. Bonding with them to unlock unique skill which will bring benefit to your realm. Level up your governess by join parties.
– Continue the royal bloodline, father children, fill their minds with knowledge, raise them. Your prince and princess’s marriage will be the strongest bond between you and your allies. The royal family together with the royal family will become the most powerful King.

Recruit and Knowledge Your Man
– Recruit the wisest man in your country. Exemplar knights, fearless warriors, loyal servants, brilliant strategists are at your command.
– Upgrade your man. Understand their attributions and give full play to his advantages.

Conquer Lands, Expand Your Empire
– A great king will always lead conquest to expand his empire! In Secrets of Empire, we mapped you 13 cities, 260 battles, for honor, for glory, and the kingdom, you shall lead your army to crush the enemy and achieve your great dominance!
– Every bloody battle will learn you and your man experiences, flourish your kingdom by battles!

Forge Alliance and Join Parties
– Join parties, socialize with celebrities, get in touch with big houses, forge your networks.
– Form alliances, work hand-in-hand with the other sultan to become the exalted king of kings. Build an unbreakable alliance with friends to fight against other competitors in the world.

Will your kingdom blooming under your rule? Will the enemies bow under your strength? Will you become the Sultan Megnificient and rebuild the glory of history.

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– Bug fixes.

>>>Download Secrets of Empire 1.0.1 APK<<<

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>>>Download Secrets of Empire 1.0.1 APK<<<

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