S-pushTAN Download Latest Version APK

Download S-pushTAN Latest Version APK

pushTAN is the correct procedure for anyone who wants to make mobile banking. Receive TANs (banking transaction numbers) on the go on your Smartphone or Tablet anytime, anywhere. You only need one device to access your bank accounts and to transfer money.

• No additional equipment needed
• TANs are insertable for online banking on PC or for mobile banking via Smartphone or Tablet
• Each TAN is valid only for one specific transfer
• TANs can be used for all TAN requiring transactions: transfers, standing orders, direct debits etc. Of course also for all SEPA transactions.
• Password protection and cryptographic keys ensure maximum safety

• Let your Sparkasse unlock the pushTAN procedure by registering your bank accounts for pushTAN
• Download the S-pushTAN app from Google Play – free of charge
• Hold your personal Sparkasse registration letter at your fingertips to activate the S-pushTAN app with the data within

• Please install the app only if you are registered for pushTAN procedures at your Sparkasse and if you have received your personal registration letter
• The app is free of charge. By using the app costs can arise, which may be charged to you by your Sparkasse
• System requirements: Your appliance is not rooted and you have no screen reader installed on your device
• By purchasing and/or using this app fully agree to the terms of the end user license agreement of the star Finanz GmbH. You can find them at: https://cdn.starfinanz.de/index.php?id=Lizenzbestimmungen
Version 1.5.3 updates the pushTAN procedure:

– We have raised the security features of the app to the current state.
– We’ve fixed minor bugs.

Do you like the S-pushTAN app? We appreciate your review and your comment. Thank you very much!

>>>Download S-pushTAN APK<<<

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>>>Download S-pushTAN APK<<<

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