Pinkie, the pink penguin Download Latest Version APK

Download Pinkie, the pink penguin Latest Version APK

Pinkie, the pink penguin Is an enchanting, animated children’s book app filled with fun reading and singing for young and old.

Experience the exciting adventures of Pinkie the pink penguin and her friend Blu.

Pinkie is a happy penguin girl, but
Pinkie is different from all the others, she is pink.
Not just a little pink, but from head to tail,
except for a little white spot on her belly.
Pinkie herself loves pink, but all the other
penguin kids always laugh at her.
Then she meets Blu, who also is different, he’s totally blue.
Pinkie and Blue become friends, discover the joy of singing and that everything works better together.
They meet a wonderful granny with whom everything turns out for the best.

Loaded with affectionate illustrations and songs, this is a story about being different, prejudice, friendship spanning generations and positive thinking.

App features:
– comes in 3 languages: English, German, Italian
– of high educational value
– sing along to enchanting songs
– 50 pages filled with affectionate illustrations and animations
– 50 minutes of storytelling fun for young and old
– suitable for kindergarten and basic school
– no advertising
– no in-app purchases

If you like the songs, there is the additional app “Sing with Pinkie and Blu” to sing and play along. Featuring all songs, an adorable animated karaoke version and sheet music.

>>>Download Pinkie, the pink penguin APK<<<

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>>>Download Pinkie, the pink penguin APK<<<

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