myCaster Live Stream to Youtube Facebook AfreecaTV Download Latest Version APK

Download myCaster Live Stream to Youtube Facebook AfreecaTV Latest Version APK

myCaster Live Stream allows you to broadcast 4K live video (2160p) and audio from your smart device directly to YouTube and shares to social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus.
myCaster Live Stream also supports to broadcast high quality video from external cameras (DSLR camera, camcorder, or UVC camera) directly to Facebook.
Additionally, it is able to broadcast to any streaming server which supports RTMP, such as Wowza, Ustream, Periscope, AfreecaTV, BeMyTV, Pandora.TV, Red5 and FMS, etc..
With user-friendly interface, you can sign in your YouTube account, create a live event, manage broadcast’s privacy, stream optimization, and monitor YouTube live broadcast. myCaster also supports Facebook users to create a live video, manage the live video’s privacy, and monitor their live video’s activity.

myCaster (Free)
– Live streaming with front, rear camera or external USB camera
– Broadcast directly to YouTube, Facebook or any RTMP destination
– Unlimited streaming
– Streaming HD (720p)
– Three camera focus modes: Continuous Video, Infinity, and Manual
– Touch to change focus mode (double touches or long touch on the live screen)
– Support Zooming/Camera Exposure/Key Frame Interval Adjustment
– Support broadcast portrait and landscape mode
– Support external mic, and Bluetooth mic
– Support stereo/mono audio

– Youtube:
+ Share YouTube live streaming to social network (Facebook, Twitter, Kakaotalk, ..) and message apps
+ YouTube default live stream (Stream now), live broadcast event, and scheduled broadcast
+ Show number of viewer, like, dislike, and chat messages on YouTube Live
+ Set YouTube broadcast’s privacy, resolution, and stream optimization (latency)
+ Support ultra low-latency live broadcast
– Facebook:
+ Create a live video on Facebook
+ Display number of online viewer, like, and comments from Facebook Live Video
+ Set Facebook live video’s privacy, resolution, and title

myCaster Pro (upgrade in-app)
– Save broadcasted video to local disk
– Adaptive bitrate streaming based on wireless network quality
– Change bitrate on the fly
– Video stabilization
– Streaming 4K, 1440p, and 1080p
– Support H264 main profile
– Up to 30Mbps transmission speed for video data at 2160p
– Support audio bitrate at 192kbps
– Do not disturb mode

– You need to verify your Youtube account ( in order to enable Youtube Live at
– The YouTube’s ultra low-latency option for stream optimization can achieve 2s end-to-end delay but it does not support 1440p and 4K resolutions.
– The H264 main profile can be enabled or the camera frame per second is set to 60 if your camera supports it to be utilized by third party apps.
– 4K (or 1440p) resolutions may not be supported by all devices.
– Although your device can capture 4K (or 1440p) video using built-in camera app, if your device does not support third party apps to capture 4K (or 1440p) video, you can not use 4K (or 1440p) resolution for live streaming.
– Facebook’s policy does not allow users to broadcast live video directly from mobile device’s camera via third party apps. However, you can broadcast your live video from your external cameras connecting to the mobile device via USB cable. The external cameras can be DSLR, camcorder, .. etc. It is required an HDMI-to-USB converter for converting HDMI video of the camera to USB.
– When using external USB camera, your video quality is limited by the USB connection. If your mobile device supports USB 3.0, you can achieve 1080p 30fps. However, if your device only supports USB 2.0, it is possible to obtain full HD resolution at 30 fps.
– Support Zooming
– Support Change bitrate on the fly (Pro only)
– Support Manual Focus/ Touch to focus
– Bugs fixed

>>>Download myCaster Live Stream to Youtube Facebook AfreecaTV APK<<<

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>>>Download myCaster Live Stream to Youtube Facebook AfreecaTV APK<<<

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