Mouse Kit (Keyboard+Presenter) Download Latest Version APK

Download Mouse Kit (Keyboard+Presenter) Latest Version APK

Mobile Buddy (Server) Download:

Multi-Touch Gestures & Gyroscope
One-Click Connection
Mouse Kit is compatible with Mac and Windows

How to Use:

Wireless Mouse
– Your phone becomes a wireless mouse for your computer. Control all computer functions from your phone’s touch screen.
– Mouse button, wheel, and gesture functions

Remote Keyboard
– Available in multiple languages, Unicode, and special characters
– Function keys

– Gyroscope feature!
– Designed with Microsoft PowerPoint presentations in mind.
– Timer for presentations
– Various keys: Home, Start, Shift+F5, End, and ESC

PC Controller
– PC lock/unlock, maneuvering over desktop screens
– One click to connect and disconnect, saves your settings for quick access

Mouse Kit is a remote mouse, keyboard, presentation remote control and PC controller all combined in one simple, user-friendly app.

With Mouse Kit, you’ll never again have to deal with tangled wires, wireless mouse receivers, or a lost remote control before an important presentation.

Let Yooii Studios make your work day easier and more convenient with Mouse Kit!

English, Spanish, German, French, Korean, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin and Traditional) Language Support.

*It would be greater if you use Remote Kit with Mouse Kit together!

*To use the Mouse Kit, you must install Mobile Buddy on your PC or Mac.
Please download Mobile Buddy from Yooii Studios homepage.

*Your mobile device and computer must be connected to the same WiFi network for Mouse Kit to work.
If it does not connect automatically, please retype your IP address or change the port number or check your Windows firewall settings.

*Hotspot (tethering) would be a good alternative for Mouse Kit to connect between PC and smartphone!

Mouse Kit app is designed and developed by Yooii Studios (유이스튜디오)
Mobile Buddy Download:

Please use ‘Mouse Kit’ and ‘Remote Kit’ together.

>>>Download Mouse Kit (Keyboard+Presenter) 1.9.2 APK<<<

Mouse Kit (Keyboard+Presenter) 1.9.2 screenshots 1Mouse Kit (Keyboard+Presenter) 1.9.2 screenshots 2Mouse Kit (Keyboard+Presenter) 1.9.2 screenshots 3Mouse Kit (Keyboard+Presenter) 1.9.2 screenshots 4Mouse Kit (Keyboard+Presenter) 1.9.2 screenshots 5Mouse Kit (Keyboard+Presenter) 1.9.2 screenshots 6Mouse Kit (Keyboard+Presenter) 1.9.2 screenshots 7Mouse Kit (Keyboard+Presenter) 1.9.2 screenshots 8Mouse Kit (Keyboard+Presenter) 1.9.2 screenshots 9Mouse Kit (Keyboard+Presenter) 1.9.2 screenshots 10Mouse Kit (Keyboard+Presenter) 1.9.2 screenshots 11Mouse Kit (Keyboard+Presenter) 1.9.2 screenshots 12Mouse Kit (Keyboard+Presenter) 1.9.2 screenshots 13Mouse Kit (Keyboard+Presenter) 1.9.2 screenshots 14Mouse Kit (Keyboard+Presenter) 1.9.2 screenshots 15Mouse Kit (Keyboard+Presenter) 1.9.2 screenshots 16Mouse Kit (Keyboard+Presenter) 1.9.2 screenshots 17Mouse Kit (Keyboard+Presenter) 1.9.2 screenshots 18

>>>Download Mouse Kit (Keyboard+Presenter) 1.9.2 APK<<<

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