Minesweeper Genius Download Latest Version APK

Download Minesweeper Genius Latest Version APK

Inspired by the classic computer game from our childhood – as well as sudoku and picross – Minesweeper Genius is a brain teaser that will challenge your mind and logical thinking.

Help Aristotle – the genius with a broom – sweep the minefield to regain his memory and escape from the aliens’ scientific experiments, discovering where all the bombs are hidden.

• Read the numbers to calculate how many mines there are in each column and each line
• Flag the tiles which contain a mine
• Then move the minesweeper genius to the portal!

• Our procedural generator can create an unlimited number of random levels
• Mixes the mechanics of sudoku, nonogram (picross) and minesweeper
• Absolutely no guessing or luck involved, only logic
• Play Games Achievements
• Cloud Saving
First release version! Some highlights:
– Optional islands with bigger, extra-challenging levels;
– Cloud Saving support;
– Play Games Achievements;
– Localization to 9 languages: EN, FR, IT, DE, ES, PT, RU, ZH, JA

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>>>Download Minesweeper Genius APK<<<

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