Midnight Hill – Silent Mystery Download Latest Version APK

Download Midnight Hill – Silent Mystery Latest Version APK

No one likes to talk about that run down building by the river. They say it’s haunted and that strange things happen to everyone who goes there. Of course, it’s the perfect place for your new ghost tour! Before you begin taking people through its halls, perhaps you should check it out yourself to make sure the site is safe. Plus, you might be famous if you’re the first to discover its secrets!

In Hidden Objects: Silent Mystery, explore each room of the haunted house and see if you can solve the mystery of its past. Don’t let the bumps in the night scare you away. This place could be a huge moneymaker if it’s as scary as it sounds. Keep your eyes open in the shadows and find all the secrets that hide. Who knows what you’ll find? …Or perhaps the house will work to keep the mystery alive.

Product Features:
– Haunted mystery themed hidden object game.
– Multiple places to explore: orphanage scene, storm room scene, creepy forest scene, and more!
– 3 Different Search Modes:
o Pictures! Kid Friendly Mode
o Silhouettes! Challenging Silhouettes and Shadows
o Words! Match the Object to the Word
– Stuck? Buy more hints!
– Find all the objects in each scene to beat the level!

How to Play:
– Use interactive controls to tap and find objects.
– Choose a search mode: Pictures, Silhouettes, or Words.
– Find all the hidden objects to beat each level.

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>>>Download Midnight Hill – Silent Mystery 1.0 APK<<<

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>>>Download Midnight Hill – Silent Mystery 1.0 APK<<<

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