I’m here for facebook Download Latest Version APK

Download I’m here for facebook Latest Version APK

■ Easy to use
 Simply tap the icon for android phone and paste the URL of the Google Map into E-mail text.
■ useful in various situations
 Useful if you want a place to tell others. For example,when a meeting at the train station.
 Rather than a place to describe in words, and visual announcements on the map, it is easy to understand.
 Afford to fail when the vessel lost at sea and the mountains. It can inform the location on the map.
 The large parking lot, you can send an email to yourself, you know where your car parked back.
 When disasters such as earthquakes, it can inform on the map where your family and lovers. What do the safety check?
■ Supports Twitter
You can post a map to Twitter. You can select the Twitter on the menu screen.
■ Supports facebook
You can post a map on the wall of facebook.
You can select the facebook on the menu screen.
The Bing has been used as a map of “check-in”.
When viewing a map of Bing in smartphone, unclear map will be displayed.
However, because it corresponds to the Google Map, the map of this app will display the location easy to understand.
In the “check in”, famous places and buildings have been listed.
However, if you want to tell the location of the unknown, such as home, you can not use “check in”.
Since this app is created a Google Map using the GPS, you can tell exactly where you are.
■ Also supports short URL
Paste the URL to Twitter, to allow some additional messages, URL shortening for correspondence.
■ Languages ​​supported 34 (default language is English)
Catalan, Italian, Spanish, Noruueninoshiku, Korean, Romanian, Arabic, French, Croatian, Serbian, Turkish, Czech, Tagalog, Japanese, German, Thai, Chinese , Vietnamese, Slovak, Ukrainian, Dutch, Polish, Finnish, Slovenian, Danish, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Hungarian, Russian, Latvian, Swedish, English,Greek, Bulgarian

>>>Download I’m here for facebook APK<<<

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>>>Download I’m here for facebook APK<<<

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