Green’s Adventures Download Latest Version APK

Download Green’s Adventures Latest Version APK

Green’s Adventures – ALPHA

Hi, welcome to Green’s Adventures!
The game is still in Alpha version, this means that we are soon going to update it with new features like traps, power ups, bug fixes and new levels!


Long time ago goblins lived happily and they were free. But one day humans decided to drive them away. Goblins were forced to leave their village and took refuge.
Despite that, now, a goblin is willing to challenge even terrible monsters in order to take his revenge on humans…
Run, get the coins and reach the end of the leve! Oh.. and try not to die.
Objective: reach the next zone, road to freedom is near..


– Put yourself in the shoes of Green, the funny and ambitious goblins, protagonist of this adventure
– Go through the levels jumping and shooting, in the shortest time possible
– Collect coins, they will be used to unlock future bonus levels and power ups
– Get up to 3 stars in each level, collecting stars you’ll unlock new areas more and more adventurous!


Web site:
Email: [email protected]

>>>Download Green’s Adventures 0.5 APK<<<

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>>>Download Green’s Adventures 0.5 APK<<<

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