Granny Square Planner Download Latest Version APK

Download Granny Square Planner Latest Version APK

Granny Square Planner is a knitting and crochet planner / calculator to help plan granny square blankets.

Granny Square Planner helps plan blankets using a multi-step process:

Step 1: Plan your blanket width and height in number of granny squares.

Step 2: Set the number of colors per granny square, and the total number of colors that you want to use. For example, you might want 3 colors per square, but 4 total colors.

Step 3: Set border color. If you’re not using a border, then turn off the border option.

Step 4: Set square colors. For each color that you add using the color picker, you should add a corresponding name so that you can view your pattern as text.

Step 5: Choose squares to include on your blanket. This step shows you all of the possible granny squares that your color combinations can make. If there are any that you absolutely do not want, then uncheck the box next to the square.

Step 6: View your granny square blanket. There is a randomize button at the bottom to automatically create a new blanket. If you get a blanket that you like, press the “save blanket” option. If your blanket is close, then touch one of the granny squares to replace it with a new square. This effectively gives you the option to completely plan every granny square.

After your blanket is saved, you can revisit Step 6 and then press the “View As Text” button to see a text-based version of your app.

Granny Square Planner is a new app. More features are planned for the future. Please email the developer with ideas!

Icon adapted from: under the Creative Commons license.

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