factory balls Download Latest Version APK

Download factory balls Latest Version APK

You might think that working on the assembly line is tedious work, but not if you’re manufacturing Factory Balls! Your job in this logic puzzle game is to custom craft each ball to a specific order. You’ve got all the tools you need to fulfill each order… except the instruction manual.

In each level, you’ll see the target design of your ball on the shipping box. Starting from a plain white ball, get to work by clicking the tools you want to use and try to manufacture the correct ball.
For example, the target ball might be orange with white eyes and black pupils, which means you need to use different spectacles to block the paint and create the different patterns. Need to make a beak? Maybe you have to pull a few times with a pair of pliers.

There is no time limit or punishment for making incorrect moves, so you can try several different configurations to feel your way to success.
If you enjoy a cerebral challenge and are keen for a mental workout, you will enjoy Factory Balls!

36 new levels in the latest update! Now 200 original levels!

This is the official Factory Balls game by Bart Bonte/bontegames.

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>>>Download factory balls APK<<<

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