DnDify – RPG Music Download Latest Version APK

Download DnDify – RPG Music Latest Version APK

This app can only be used by Spotify members. With this app you can easily manage and shuffle your favourite RPG playlists from Spotify. The preset playlists can be used for any fantasy Pen and Paper game. You will find appropriate songs for fighting dragons, exploring dungeons or finding paths. 😉

Using a sorting and hiding mechanism you can easily prepare for your next adventure.

To activate a playlist you only need one click. While the first song of each playlist is played with each activation all following songs of this playlist are shuffled.

A “fight”-button gives the most exciting moments of your adventure the deserved atmosphere and a dnd (do-not-disturb) function, which stops anyone from disturbing your fun will be added soon.
– Added 5 new playlists: Mountain Pass, Capital, Dungeon, Desert, Underdark.
– Connecting to Spotify now shows a loading screen.
– Added a change device button, linking to the Spotify App.

>>>Download DnDify – RPG Music 1.4 APK<<<

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>>>Download DnDify – RPG Music 1.4 APK<<<

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