RotatingBrave Download Latest Version APK

Download RotatingBrave Latest Version APK

  《Rotating Brave》is a pixel-art platform action game, wield your blades, proceed to the depths of the ruins, using spin attack and various skills to destroy ruin’s guards, upgrade your ability and explore the story. The most important feature of this game is you need to rotate your phone when the level change.

-The smooth action and refreshing slash.
-6 different skills are available.
-11 oblations to grant you peculiar ability.
-Randomly generated levels.
-The experience of rotating the phone with playing.

Music By:藍舟, こおろぎ, スエノブ, 稿屋 隆
Sound By:FreeSound, PocketSound, Dan”Pepper”Loeb
ver1.1.5 Update:
Added Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese version.
Fixed the bug that buttons zooming error in the language select.
Fixed the bug that the button disappear when the level change and pause the game on the same time.

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>>>Download RotatingBrave 5 APK<<<