Tank Shooting Stars Download Latest Version APK

Download Tank Shooting Stars Latest Version APK

Tank Shooting Stars is an entertaining and addictive game to test your ability to shoot. Be a super stars shooter with your powerful tank.

Tank Shooting Stars App Features:
• 6 unique stars to shoot
• Easy to play
• Bonus scores
• Free game
• No additional purchases needed in this Tank Shooting Stars game

How to Play Tank Shooting Stars?
1. Click Play button on screen
2. Follow the instruction to touch the screen when you see “Touch To Start”
3. Tap the screen again and you will see colorful stars appearing from the top screen
4. Shoot any stars that appears on the screen
5. You will score for shooting the stars
6. You will lose a life score for any stars that drop on the ground

Gather your friends and family together to have fun shooting stars and test each other’s shooting skill. You can be the super stars shooter with your tank.

Download Tank Shooting Stars and play it today for FREE with your friends and family!

Music courtesy from www.purple-planet.com

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Tank Shooting Stars 1.0.0 screenshots 1Tank Shooting Stars 1.0.0 screenshots 2Tank Shooting Stars 1.0.0 screenshots 3Tank Shooting Stars 1.0.0 screenshots 4Tank Shooting Stars 1.0.0 screenshots 5Tank Shooting Stars 1.0.0 screenshots 6

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Score Header Match Download Latest Version APK

Download Score Header Match Latest Version APK

Score Header Match is a fun soccer game. Show off your favorite soccer player’s ball skills and beat each level to Score! like a Hero. This is the chance to unleash your soccer player’s powerful header skills to defeat the opponent and Score! in the Match.

Score Header Match App Features:
– Flexibility to choose any soccer player to play against the default player
– Flexibility to switch soccer player at anytime
– Winning one level will entitled you to move to next level which is more challenging
– With Action Music for an adrenaline rush game
– Easy download and free to play!

How to Play Score Header Match?
1. Choose your favorite soccer player to play against the default player.
2. Your favorite soccer player will start the game.
3. Control your favorite soccer player to showcase his skills of jumping and heading the ball to defend the ball from falling to the ground.
4. If the ball hits the ground, the player will lose and the green bar on top of the player will change to red bar.
5. When the ball hits the cone which is in the middle of the players, the ball will bounce with momentum and the “lucky” player will get the chance to show off his beautiful header skills and movements.
6. When the red bar is full, the player lose. So use your strategy and defeat the default player to Score! this match. Then your favorite player will be in the Score! for Hero.

What is Good in Score Header Match?
– A strategy game to defeat opponent
– Train your favorite soccer player on the SPEED to move quickly down the field and heading the ball.

Play YOUR way! Score! your player’s match.
Download Score Header Match and play today for FREE!

Music courtesy from https.www.bensound.com

>>>Download Score Header Match 1.0.0 APK<<<

Score Header Match 1.0.0 screenshots 1Score Header Match 1.0.0 screenshots 2Score Header Match 1.0.0 screenshots 3Score Header Match 1.0.0 screenshots 4Score Header Match 1.0.0 screenshots 5Score Header Match 1.0.0 screenshots 6

>>>Download Score Header Match 1.0.0 APK<<<