Horror Clicker Download Latest Version APK

Download Horror Clicker Latest Version APK

Horror Clicker is a halloween insanity clicker with heroes of horror films and Creepypasta and SCP.

Play alone or with a friend alone. Play with your friends and find out who has the fastest fingers!

We added the Scary Granny, and for Yeti hunters, Bigfoot Monster was added!

The most terrible monsters of horror: clowns, dolls, maniacs, murderers, mummies, zombies and ghosts came for you.

Can you overcome Horror Bosses?

Tap on the screen to throw pumpkins at monsters.

Use the accumulated super strength.

Cool weapons will help you take a big chunk of life from the enemies.

The most famous heroes of horror, nightmares of Creepypasta and terrible stories await your furious clicks. A girl with horrors with long hair, a maniac with an ax, Slender, a killer Jeff, a laughing Jack, a killer of Jane, a Plague doctor, and an Eyeless Jack from Creepypasta and other horror monsters.

Also you will see monsters of fairy tales, legends and myths of Japan, such as Kutisake Onna – a woman with a torn / cut mouth and Jorōgumo- a spider woman!

It’s not for you to crack eggs and cook cookies. Pull your fingers to the maximum and destroy the army of the undead.

To the delight of the fans, we added SCP 860-2, SCP 173 and the opportunity to buy a pet!

Cool Halloween Game with Horror Bosses!

Open all the horror heroes, nightmares and horror stories!

Some characters in the game are a parody of the famous heroes of horror movies and horror games!
Significantly reduced the health of the bosses!

>>>Download Horror Clicker 1.27 APK<<<

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Insanus – Escape Horror Scary House Game Download Latest Version APK

Download Insanus – Escape Horror Scary House Game Latest Version APK

A sad and scary story in which you play for a mad man!

The game now has 2 parts and 3 endings!

Welcome to the creepy house from which you need to escape.

Explore the house and solve its secrets!

You need to try to get out, but be careful to survive and not fall into one of the bloody traps!

New atmospheric horror game in which you have to play for a distraught person!

You do not remember your own house, in which you set traps for uninvited guests!

Try to solve all the mysteries and riddles of the scary haunted house!

Be very attentive to details and then you can solve the riddles of the house of horrors! Look for the keys, collect the picture puzzle, open the safe, chest and coffin, boil the potion in the cauldron and do not be afraid of the terrible doll and ghost!

Would you come to visit such a terrible neighbor and could you not go down to his eerie basement, in which a terrible ghost awaits you! Or climb his hellish attic?

Remember that the key may be in the most unexpected place!

Can crazy riddles and secrets confuse uninvited guests!

Can a madman get free and what awaits him there!

Be careful! The game will be a few bloody scenes and frightening screamers!

Try our survival simulator in a horrible haunted house!

Can you open all the secret endings?

We are planning to improve our horror game and add a lot of new things!

Good luck!
In the next update will be 2 ending 2 parts!
v 1.15 Added 2 traps! Perhaps corrected the slowness of the protagonist!
v 1.14 Fixed bugs! Added animation with green creature)
v 1.13 Added part 2 while with one ending!
v 1.11 Added a secret ending! Try to find)
v 1.10 Added the attic
v 1.09 Bug fixes and minor changes
v 1.08 A new room has been added. I hope you can find it 🙂

>>>Download Insanus – Escape Horror Scary House Game 1.15 APK<<<

Insanus - Escape Horror Scary House Game 1.15 screenshots 1Insanus - Escape Horror Scary House Game 1.15 screenshots 2Insanus - Escape Horror Scary House Game 1.15 screenshots 3

>>>Download Insanus – Escape Horror Scary House Game 1.15 APK<<<