TrueTyme Bio-Clock/Watch Trial Download Latest Version APK

Download TrueTyme Bio-Clock/Watch Trial Latest Version APK

TrueTyme is a mind & body “wake up call” when various circadian rhythm problems begin to get alarming. TT is to false (unnatural) time-keeping what Morpheus’ Red Pill is to corporate establishment-created ARTIFICIAL Blue Pill time-keeping. Don’t invest any of your valuable and very limited time playing around with TrueTyme’s many unique features until you’re ready to become Woke in an unimaginably “notched up well-being” real time way.

That being said, only after you are ready to be Woke timewise, and as a result have downloaded TrueTyme’s free trial (with its after-trial free bonus feature’s)…

Click TrueTyme’s winged hourglass to see TT running in FastMode. Click again to see your true time. Use arrows at bottom to change TT modes. After trial, TT basics are our gift to you. OR notch up. EITHER WAY, ENJOY! Explore TrueTyme’s citizen science possibilities: According to Richard Louv, author of bestsellers Last Child in the Woods (2005) & The Nature Principle (2011), recent studies have shown that nature-deficit disorder affects “physical and emotional well-being. Does switching between DST and Standard time ever disorient you? Also: As children and adults on the autism spectrum often have poor senses of time and timing, the Mossbridge Institute is planning to do a formal study to investigate how often seeing where one is circadian time via knowing one’s TrueTyme might be able to help? Part of the study includes providing free Android-enabled $50 Kindle Fire devices with TrueTyme clocks to those in the study who have no access to Android devices.

Use TT’s patented displays of local natural time, both from sunrise to sunset to sunrise (and also from moonrise to moonset to moonrise). TT also has a unique color-coded mood tracking system. How much are your feelings of well-being and mental focus affected by the daily and seasonal changes of times of daylight, nighttime and moon?
This feedback is from artist and power user Alison Pilorz, who works in a converted warehouse far away from a window…
“TrueTyme is an excellent app for getting yourself back on track! I found TrueTyme purely by chance when I was looking for a live wallpaper that would show the time. I like clocks, and the appearance appealed to me. I liked the idea of the sun and the moon going around. After I checked out their website and found out more about it, I was even more excited about it. I work in an office that’s in an old warehouse building. It’s no longer a warehouse, but space is rented out/sold to various businesses, and the company I work for is one of many that now occupy the building. Unfortunately, because it used to be a warehouse, the only windows are in the stairwells! You don’t realize how disconcerting it is to not know where the sun is relative to the time of day, until, of course, you can’t see it. Even after working there for months, I still didn’t quite realize how much it affected me, until I got TrueTyme. It made such a big difference knowing where the sun was in the sky. It actually helped me keep track of the time more than just looking at a clock. After about a week of using it, I got back in touch with the cycle of the day.
“Keeping track of my moods is another big help. I started to notice times of the day where I got tired or run down, and I was able to see how that changed as I began to be aware of the movement of the sun, even inside our windowless office! I also created my own option to keep track of how healthy I felt. I’d been getting sick a lot, so I used that to keep an eye on myself. If I noticed that I’d been feeling a little sick more often, I could nip it in the bud. The mood tracker is also a very good tool for me to use because I suffer from anxiety/panic disorder, and can get panic attacks. It lets me keep track of how I’m feeling, and lets me estimate if I’m going to have a “bad” day or not. I see it coming before it gets anywhere near bad, and can take steps to relax.”
Help us go IOS & WEAR Open Source.
– MoonTyme
(User feedback requested: A few users have reported that near the time of the new moon their moon phases can be a little too large or a little too small. But their moon times are always super-accurate. If you have a problem, please let us know so we can put the fix in our next release.)

– SelfTyme Feature: Share personalized “selfie time” snapshots of your own special event true times.

– Auto-Dim & Dawn Brightening
(Beta feature. Final version in next update)

– Alarm clock

>>>Download TrueTyme Bio-Clock/Watch Trial 4.0 APK<<<

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>>>Download TrueTyme Bio-Clock/Watch Trial 4.0 APK<<<