SpotCommander Download Latest Version APK

Download SpotCommander Latest Version APK

This product is not developed, endorsed or certified in any way by Spotify. Spotify is the registered trade mark of the Spotify Group.

The most intuitive and feature-rich remote control for Spotify for Linux, NOT Windows or Mac OS X.

NOTE: SpotCommander must be installed on the computer first:

* Launch and Quit
* Now Playing
* Control playback
* Transfer playback to other devices and control them
* Seek in currently playing track
* Toggle shuffle and repeat
* Adjust volume
* Playlists
* Library
* Browse
* Search
* Artists
* Albums
* Recently Played
* Queue with additional actions
* Lyrics
* Share to social networks
* Touch gestures
* Keyboard shortcuts
* Android app with additional features
* Fullscreen on iOS
* Desktop notifications
* Responsive design
* Suspend and shut down computer

* Hardware buttons support
* Keep screen on
* Pause on incoming call
* Pause on outgoing call
* Flip to pause
* Shake to skip
* Notification with playback controls
* Widgets
* Share to other apps

* In-app purchases: To be able do donate to the developer
* Wi-Fi connection information: To be able to scan your network for your SpotCommander installation, check if Wi-Fi is enabled and check if the current network has changed
* Device ID & call information: To support the features Pause On Incoming/Outgoing Calls

SpotCommander is non-commercial free software with open source code, uses of content freely available on the Internet and is licensed under The GNU General Public License, version 3.

Developed by Ole Jon Bjørkum.
* Latest Android and third party libraries
* Android Wear app removed to reduce complexity
* Because of the new restrictions in Android 8, a persistent notification is now always shown as long as the main app is open to support features like background features such as Flip to Pause

>>>Download SpotCommander 13.5 APK<<<

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>>>Download SpotCommander 13.5 APK<<<