Morpheus Recovery Download Latest Version APK

Download Morpheus Recovery Latest Version APK

Morpheus is the world’s first digital recovery coach. When combined with the Morpheus recovery band, he is able to measure and track your recovery, give you personalized heart rate zones, and integrate with other popular wearables to tell the whole story of how your lifestyle is connected to your fitness.

Accelerate your recovery

High-intensity training and stress are what breaks your body down, but you need recovery to build it back up and make it bigger, stronger, faster and in better shape than ever. Based on your recovery level each day, Morpheus gives you a targeted blue zone to train in. Get in your blue zone for as little as 20 minutes and it’ll help push your body into the recovery state and accelerate your recovery, and your fitness to a whole new level.

Elevate your conditioning

For the first time, training to improve conditioning is as simple as it gets. No more confusion about what heart rates to train at, which zone you should be in, or what types of intervals are best. Morpheus takes the guesswork out of your conditioning

Avoid Overtraining

Finding the right balance between training, stress and recovery and the red zone is a key part of avoiding overtraining and the problems that come with it. The Morpheus red zone, known as the overload zone, was designed to give you a clear picture of where your limits are each day to help you make sure you don’t push past them

Requirements: To measure and track recovery, the Morpheus recovery band is required. Without the recovery band, Morpheus is not able to calculate a recovery score or provide personalized heart rate zones.
Please note that activity (steps), calories, and sleep can be tracked directly with Fitbit and Garmin devices, or by connecting to Google Fit. Activity and sleep tracking are not required to use Morpheus, but are recommended to improve the accuracy of the recovery score
Added function to sync with M3 HRM
Notes for workouts
Fixed problem with missing data and issue preventing recovery test

>>>Download Morpheus Recovery 0.0.62 APK<<<

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>>>Download Morpheus Recovery 0.0.62 APK<<<