Remote Score Download Latest Version APK

Download Remote Score Latest Version APK

Remote Score is utility for MTG commentators using XSplit to have the on-screen life totals updated by a remote person using this app on their phone.

The setup involving this app requires that there is a computer running XSplit and a FTP server such as FileZilla.
In the app, you will need to configure the details of the FTP server, such as the computer’s IP address, username, and password.

Everytime the score is updated in the app (from any of the +/- buttons, clicking on the score and editing it directly, or by using the Reset Scores menu option), a small text file is uploaded to the FTP server.
The format of this file is a very simple HTML5 document.

XSplit Title boxes can read tags from a local text file by entering the full path and filename for the Remote Source option.
One Title box can use the start tag <span id=”score1″> with end tag </span>, and another can use score2, or comment.
v1.1.0 – Added comment field, file created via FTP is now HTML5 format.
v1.0.4 – Now runs in full screen mode.
v1.0.3 – Increased usability on tablets.
v1.0.2 – Fixed interoperability with FileZilla.

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Remote Score 1.1.0 screenshots 1Remote Score 1.1.0 screenshots 2

>>>Download Remote Score 1.1.0 APK<<<

Judge42 Download Latest Version APK

Download Judge42 Latest Version APK

Judge42 is a MTG rules document viewer. The Comprehensive Rules, Infraction Procedure Guide, Magic Tournament Rules, and Judging at Regular documents are all included.

Each document can be browsed through a hierarchical menu system in order to locate specific sections quickly. All documents can be searched simultaneously or individually as well.
Extensive formatting from the original documents is kept intact, and additional color highlighting allows the documents to be even more readable.
Hotlinks in the Comprehensive Rules allow quick navigation between various rules sections.

There is no external database to update. All documents are included inside of the app itself and will update as the app updates.
Also included in the menu is a handy decklist counter for verifying deck totals, as well as a draft timer.

Also a great replacement for MTGJudge (MTG Judge) which is no longer kept up to date.
v1.3.3 – Updated to July 13, 2013 Comprehensive Rules
Updated to July 19, 2013 Infraction Procedure Guide
Updated to July 19, 2013 Magic Tournament Rules

v1.3.1 – Updated to April 22, 2013 Judging at Regular

v1.3.0 – Added Foldable Judge Booklet as a searchable document
Added document indicator in search results

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Judge42 1.3.3 screenshots 1Judge42 1.3.3 screenshots 2Judge42 1.3.3 screenshots 3Judge42 1.3.3 screenshots 4Judge42 1.3.3 screenshots 5

>>>Download Judge42 1.3.3 APK<<<