super stela run Download Latest Version APK

Download super stela run Latest Version APK

this game super stela run is depending at run you can escape from police at this subway and go to get more advantage as collect coin and get Sleigh and get more challenge and this game it contains a good view, as colorful, faces and buses

you can Choose your favorite hero after you collect enough from coin from your adventure of subway, every hero needs a lot of coin to get after you do it you can enjoy to get what hero you want play with him.

you can enjoy at these characters you get after you enough coin when you end game subway.

after you collect more coins you can Choose more character and enjoy with him.
this game its increase your quick and make more quickly when you get star as you enter in high coemption.

If you want to know how will you play, after you install game go and run game in your android, and after begin you will be running in three way: right, middle, left. You can concern where is direction. And you can skip the obstacles. And to get more points and gets some helps we will remind it in below.

1. sleigh: button double touch to get silage you collect it at your one of your traps.

2. Magic shoe: by magic shoe you can get high jump and move among buses and you can collect coin in bottom by attract it forward you, you can get it with you have by double taps

3. Rocket: you can cut high distance by you get the Rocket you can fly at way distance; you can see it is as blue plan.

4. star: Its increase youth quickly and get more score and to get high score you can enter compaction and more winning in your game, we can see it color is yellow.

5. plan. it’s make you more quickly and get you more score without any shock
but warn win you shock in any body in first the police follow you must leave him if you get another shock he will catch you and loss trap.

6. magnet: after you get magnet you can Attract the coins and get more of it; help you buy a new hero or update your tools you get it when you run.

7. golden key: can by collect save you every time your loss, in first cost you 1 key and second 2 keys and third double,

8. box: you can collect boxes when you run and it will show after you lose your trap, it is sunrise it some advantage we remind it.

9. bounce: you can get more bounce when you win, it is same box but give you more bounce, it is bigger from box.

if you shock buses will fly you forward you touch your mobile, whatever if you shock in any body or obstacle will be fall and loss you trip.

every trip you play when you continue you will increase your quick and get more score for register as more highest your score.

its mean make your game more quick your police follow you when you button in your first touch and begging training you how will follow the rolls .
and you can get more update about you advantage as silage, Rocket.

you will be find balloon, help you to move in another trap, if you get it you can see another views and another way to run by fly you.

you can change Different languages Arabic, English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Germany, Russian, by change setting, if you are in any country.

you can control in high sound and every character he have sound, it can get special sound.

in finally you can download this application super stela run and make your children to enjoy it, you will not repent about that, make your child is more happy.

There is some challenge with your friends, and you must continue escape to get more marks.
When you play running game you will find buses, bridges, cars, and another Challenges. To escape from police.

super stela run contain to Spectacular views, and after you done you can get more experience to arrive more level after level and update your tools. And your improve.

This game you are target to catch you police, and you Collide in the wall and barrier you will fall in the lands, and if you Collide in the bus you will be break the screen your mobile as he show, for that warn from all collision.
more improve for game

>>>Download super stela run 3.0 APK<<<

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>>>Download super stela run 3.0 APK<<<