Frontier Warrior Download Latest Version APK

Download Frontier Warrior Latest Version APK

Your kingdom is invaded by orc clan. Ready to grow an army and defend your castles.
Drop your mighty warriors to the battle and let them fight. Drag a warrior to another one to create the mightier warriors.


From the basic units Sword Man the Melee Warrior, Archer the Ranged Warrior, Priest the Healer, you can combine them to create Axe Man, Tank, Mage.
Build your own strategy for each battle. And each battle is a different excitement.


With talent trees, you can build your warriors in your special way. Every Warrior Talent is effective in specific battle


Every army has their legendary heroes. Along with mighty warriors, legendary heroes participate in the battle with their hero skills.


Beware the orc clan. They have over 30 kinds of orc goblin, dragon, skeleton, devil,… and 8 bosses. You will get the joy and the pain in every battle.


**** 6 kinds of mighty warrior forms thousands of strategies

**** 4 zones with over 24 levels.

**** Various warrior talents

**** Legendary heroes with spectacular hero skills

**** Equipping charms and items

**** Over kinds of orc ready to crush your army.

Freshly gameplay, intense battles, forceful sound effect, Frontier Warriors will please Castle defense fans.

Now, come and defend your kingdom.
– Fix bug.

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>>>Download Frontier Warrior 2.2.2 APK<<<