Afterpulse – Elite Army Download Latest Version APK

Download Afterpulse – Elite Army Latest Version APK

An electromagnetical pulse has changed everything. The balance of power is unstable. World leaders are deploying elite squads It is time for war.Restore peace or ignite the largest conflict war in history! Prepare your squad team and battlefield shooters!


You are in the battlefield to survive rather than taking down the army of the enemy! Plan your combat strategy and keep a level head in this action deathmatch! Ready to fight until victory against your war enemy, soldier?

Enjoyed by over 10 millions players the award winning FPS conflict combat game AFTERPULSE returns as the best free strategy RPG battle multiplayer shooter with an intense action fighting gameplay. Go to war with its leading role, a fully equipped elite sniper soldier with war skills, in different war conflict zones. Personalize your elite squad soldier’s equipment and every shotgun weapon and prepare yourself to be ready for every war situation in this free FPS shooter MMORPG.

Fan of RPG deathmatch warfare and action? you will love this shooter game. Build an unbeatable battlefield army by choosing your best elite soldiers to win in this warfare strategy shooter. Choose your shooting army assault elite soldier style for our multiplayer battlefield: Become a shotgun man, a grenadier, a sniper, or an all-round action shooter… Every battle skill combined with soldier strategy will be necessary to win the fight within the shots of the battlefield. Now you are ready to become a war hero capable of shooting army enemies without mercy in an MMO armed conflict! It is a real conflict war!


– Its impressive battlefield graphics make this third-person shooter one of the most wanted elite squad action and strategy multiplayer MMORPG.
– Personalize your headgear, full body armor, shotgun and equipment, grenades and other advanced army assault machine guns and choose the proper sniper soldier weapon for the mission depending on its damage, rate of fire, accuracy, ammo or reload! Create your elite army!
– Over 200 unique weapons, that evolve into over 1200 to choose from! Choose your own FPS shooting style according to your combat army strategy in the battlefield: Handgun, Shotgun, Assault, SMG, LMG, Sniper, Rockets… or combine them for a greater damage!
– Different MMO battle shooter warriors game modes with customized weapons! Train your weapon army skills in the training mode or fight directly in a shooting multiplayer war: Dive into free-for-all battles and conquer the elite enemy squad in 8-player Team Deathmatch!
– Different war battleground locations means different tactics for each soldier assault mission in this shooting RPG! Unlike FPS first-person multiplayer shooter games you are able to attack, shoot and fire using different perspectives!
– Customize FPS MMORPG controls during the conflict combat! Practice your army skills shooting and aiming with a different weapon playing as a hero sniper or fighting as gun man against every army enemy assault!
– Battle and fight against your friends and other players in this action multiplayer third-person shooter!

In this war game you will have to choose your weapons, like a grenade or a shotgun combat, to beat the enemy troops. Elite army is crucial to beat the enemy and to save the world! Prepare your squad team!

There is enemy shotgun fire everywhere! Prepare your defense and tactics, start shooting against the enemy warriors in a battle deathmatch! Fight against the enemy assault and his squad team in this free multiplayer action FPS strategy combat elite squad game! Practice your defense and sniper attack skills as an AFTERPULSE elite machine gun soldier shooter! Focus on this war strategy shooting MMORPG: Survive today and tomorrow will be yours! The conflict war starts, elite soldiers ready!
Winter Warfare is here. We have released an improved version of the famous Shipwreck map. You will boldly stride through the crisp snow of a hazardous mountain. You will find themselves blinded by a blizzard, with reduced visibility and facing challenges that will test your ability to survive in extreme situations.

In order to improve your performance in cold-weather scenarios, you will be armed with thermal vision weapons and equipped with special Mountain Warfare uniforms.

>>>Download Afterpulse – Elite Army 2.2.1 APK<<<

Afterpulse - Elite Army 2.2.1 screenshots 1Afterpulse - Elite Army 2.2.1 screenshots 2Afterpulse - Elite Army 2.2.1 screenshots 3

>>>Download Afterpulse – Elite Army 2.2.1 APK<<<

Respawnables – FPS Special Forces Download Latest Version APK

Download Respawnables – FPS Special Forces Latest Version APK

The special ops shooting madness and third person shooter that’ll make you forget any other AAA TPS combat! Feel the adrenaline thrills of combat action and counterattack fighting in this MMORPG and become a real sniper of the special forces! Get ready for the war action with your gun and join now this multiplayer FPS shooting better than a battle royale. Have you chosen your MP5 shooter weapon? Rise, shoot, counterattack and respawn!

Join this third person shooter and MMORPG counterattack adventure! Play this shooting game offline or online for FREE: Complete challenges, join a special forces squad, counterattack or just play with your gun!
Become whoever you want: thumper gun man, sniper, special ops soldier, shooting target expert, rifleman, marksman, war veteran or just a combat soldier in this online third person shooter full of multiplayer shooter war action! Choose your weapon in the ammo arsenal: gadgets, shotguns, rifles, firearms, thumper gun, MP5 machine guns… Join different special ops troops teams and define your beat’em up strategy and tactics for the action TPS fight to defeat the rifleman rivals attack and counterattack the opponent armies in all the battlefields and ground!

If you like 3D epic special ops games, you will love this multiplayer game with PvP mode. Get ready for the snow in the battlefield and ground! Will you become the last man standing?

– More than 185 single military troops action quests. Choose your rifleman shooter!
– Test all the weapons in your ammo inventory and plan the counterattack offensive in these multiplayer shooter PvP games!
– Avoid the traps in this action FPS battle combat! Fight at day, return to your fort to seek safety at night!
– Practice your TPS strategy offline to defeat your enemy on the online PvP games

– Special forces AAA game and thumper war matchmaking MMORPG
– Two shooting combat ARPG modes for unknown players: Free for All & Team VS
– Play with allied teammates on a 3D war action struggle. Will your special ops army survive?

– 60+ customization skins and fight items with action FPS, special ops, rifleman and sniper attributes. Some weapons may be as big as an iceberg!
– Loot 30+ special ops weapons to attack and counterattack: Choose your guns, equip a grenade, use a hunting rifle, a MP5 machine gun, a thumper gun or any other military gun
– Fighting boosters and rifleman war gadgets. Winner takes it all!
– Jump into sniper fight maps with a battle pass for single first person action games or retreat at night to your fort

– Quality 3D action third person shooter combat style with unique skins
– Play against 100 players with smooth FPS MMORPG controls. Act like a robot and show no mercy!
– PvP epic game: In-Game multiplayer shoot’em up and rifleman counterattack achievements
– Struggle with Facebook friends and allies. Get the largest number of frags!

If you love a hack and slash ARPG shooter and third person shooter multiplayer or epic combat games, this action TPS MMORPG will make you forget about any other online shoot’em up you played before! Bring the victory in this MMORPG TPS similar to a battle royale. Take your heroes out of the fort-castle into the battlefield at night!

Craft a fort, equip your special forces with skins and mark your target like in a battle royale. Start shooting in this third person shooter multiplayer online for mobile devices and be the last man standing in these winter! After our anniversary, our goal is to reach the season 7!

Please note:
These third person shooter PvP epic game are free to play but extra content can be purchased with real money. To restrict in-app purchases, adjust the settings on your mobile device.
新年快乐! And happy year of the Pig! As is the tradition at this time we are celebrating the Chinese New Year with an event full of fun and respawns! Powerful Pig Players will be rewarded with a the awesome Toxic Heng Bow for the final event prize and you can dress up with the Zhu Warrior Pack! Download the update and Respawn with us a happy Chinese New Year!

>>>Download Respawnables – FPS Special Forces 7.6.0 APK<<<

Respawnables - FPS Special Forces 7.6.0 screenshots 1Respawnables - FPS Special Forces 7.6.0 screenshots 2

>>>Download Respawnables – FPS Special Forces 7.6.0 APK<<<