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Download DigiDine Latest Version APK

Key Features
Instant ordering, quick bill view and quick bill payment speeds up service, improves accuracy and can turn your tables faster without sacrificing service.

As a part of this service, we install the tablets on your tables and will give a tablet to the kitchen setup where they will get all the order details which will make sure the chefs are having a track of orders. The users can just order right from the table and they don’t require any waiter to address them. This will ensure that with less number of waiters, serving more number of customers have never become so easier. With this, users can leave reviews and feedback and even can pay directly with the loyalty cards and they get attractive offers without you offering them.
DigitalMenu is an interactive digital menu system for Mobile Tablets, Phones and Computers. This revolutionary cross platform system is designed specifically for Restaurants,Drive-ins,theaters,malls.
DigitalMenu integrates nicely with Social Media, Coupons, POS and Payment Systems to increase revenues, efficiency and branding.

Powerful social media marketing capabilities and better service, DigitalMenu letWiths the
business owners to increase their revenues by getting more customers.

Quick ordering and payment process will help restaurants to serve morecustomers in less time particularly during busy timings. This will allowrestaurants to do more table turns and increase revenues.

DigitalMenu can be extended easily for Online Ordering, Delivery, Cateringand Online Reservation purposes. In few days, our team can customizeand integrate these features for your business.

Upsell and promote favorite dishes, specials of the day, upcoming attractions and events with push notifications. Reduce your costs and increase revenue thru in-app advertising.

DigitalMenu can integrated with our other product to create, sell, send, use and share Gift Cards of your business. Let our team know if you need this feature.

Want to get more customers? Want to get more repeated customers? Want to increase your brand identity? Want to open more locations? DigiDine can help you achieve this goal. Thru reliable and close network of people, customers are hearing about your business, food and service and business thru Social Media. This WORD OF MOUTH type publicity will bring more customers into your restaurant and it will help you increase the brand identity.Customers can share the information on.

Instant ordering, quick bill view and quick bill payment speeds up service, improves accuracy and can turn your tables faster without sacrificing service.

With the integrated payment system within the tablets or phones, servers or guests can make payments using the device itself. A copy of the bill can be sent to guests thru email.

DigitalMenu allows you to update the items, description, price etc., in minutes. And owners can indicate multiple pricing options for each item such as Lunch, Happy Hour or Dinner. Based on the timings, our system pull the right price for each item.

DigitalMenu provides good analytics such as sales, slow moving items, toprated items, feedback, likes, dislikes, comments, and suggestions

DigitalMenu one-touch order process allow service staff and customers to order items right from the device. This automated ordering process reduces time and possible delays. This helps your servers be more efficient and your diners enjoy a better service experience. Customers or Servers can pull up their &ongoing orders to order more items.
Bug Fixes

>>>Download DigiDine 1.3.1 APK<<<

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>>>Download DigiDine 1.3.1 APK<<<