Powder Game Download Latest Version APK

Download Powder Game Latest Version APK

Imagine the cool phenomenon when the wind blows the falling leaves. This game physics simulates the phenomenon with powder (dots)!

You can choose more than 30 different variations of the dot. Water, fire, oil, gunpowder, metal, seed, birds, Ant and more.

The various reactions when in hit with a dot and a dot. The explosion on hit with fire and gunpowder. Trees grow when in hit with the seed and sand.

In “Edit mode”, you can make from scratch. In “View mode”, you can see the works of other users.
Remove ads on watching videos.

>>>Download Powder Game 3.6.0 APK<<<

Powder Game 3.6.0 screenshots 1Powder Game 3.6.0 screenshots 2Powder Game 3.6.0 screenshots 3

>>>Download Powder Game 3.6.0 APK<<<

Stick Ranger Download Latest Version APK

Download Stick Ranger Latest Version APK

This game is the 18th mobile game for the Web Game Site “DAN-BALL”.
Adventure of 4 Stickmans!

It’s a simple action RPG. Battle enemies in a variate of environments across a huge map including, grasslands, caverns, deserts, and snowfields!

Use items to upgrade your weapons at 8 different types of professions. Level up and assign your experience points to your attributes and create your own character!
– Bug fix. (sound noise)
– Add stages.(Cavern 7, Cavern 8, Hell 7, Hell 8, Hell Gate, Hell Castle, Volcano)
– Add weapon and component item.
– Add ending screen.
– Add restart mode.
– Add option. (Drag DeadBody)
– Remove ads on watching movies.

>>>Download Stick Ranger 1.8.1 APK<<<

Stick Ranger 1.8.1 screenshots 1Stick Ranger 1.8.1 screenshots 2Stick Ranger 1.8.1 screenshots 3

>>>Download Stick Ranger 1.8.1 APK<<<

Irritation Stickman Download Latest Version APK

Download Irritation Stickman Latest Version APK

This game is the mobile game for the Web Game Site “DAN-BALL”.
Be calm and grab a Stickman to the goal. Dragging action game.

Grab the Stickman and lead it to the goal.
If you touch the traps, the Stickman will be killed.
Be careful not to keep grabbing the Stickman for a long time!
You will lose the grip strength.
Obtains items and reach the goal as soon as possible!

(*)Tablet is recommended. (It can play also with phones.)
– Updated the leaderboard.
– Fixed some bugs.

>>>Download Irritation Stickman 1.4.0 APK<<<

Irritation Stickman 1.4.0 screenshots 1Irritation Stickman 1.4.0 screenshots 2Irritation Stickman 1.4.0 screenshots 3

>>>Download Irritation Stickman 1.4.0 APK<<<