Jumping Polly Download Latest Version APK

Download Jumping Polly Latest Version APK

Beep Beep ~ Here Poli goes, move aside. Interesting Traffic Safety Game with Poli. Entrust traffic order and safey of village to Poli! Poli has been dispatched for our safety. Follow the traffic lights and avoid obstacles and let Poli arrive at the Rescue Headquarter safely. ~~ br-br-br vroom Our friends who are prepared to dispatch Poli! Shall we start interesting road safety game with Poli?

Description of Functions Item: If you get the P mark, Poli races along faster. Obstacles: Avoid dangerous puddles, water puddles, traffic light, boulder. Mini Game: Enjoy your mini games in the game such as putting air into tires, crashing boulder, cleaning window glass, controlling traffic lights, etc.

Content Structure : Basic game: Mini-games in the Jumping Poli game:  Putting air into tires, crash boulder, clean window glass, control traffic lights. Videos: If Poli comes back safely to the Rescue Headquarter, video of Robo-car Poli will appear  .
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>>>Download Jumping Polly 1.0.5 APK<<<