GNURoot Debian Download Latest Version APK

Download GNURoot Debian Latest Version APK

GNURoot Debian is no longer being maintained and does not work on newer versions of Android. You want to use UserLAnd instead:

GNURoot Debian only remains for people with devices that are older than UserLAnd supports (below android 5.0) and to inform people of UserLAnd.

GNURoot Debian provides a method for you to install and use Debian and its associated applications/packages alongside Android.

This does NOT require root.
A regular uninstall fully cleans up after this application.
This is expandable and you will be able to install your own applciations/packages into it.

Inside GNURoot Debian, you can create a root file system, launch into it, or delete it.

The moto is: “This ain’t done, until everything* will run”
*everything == all linux, user space applications, without having to root your device. Some things (a small number of things), that actually require root will not work (like inserting a kernel module).

Please: file bugs, feature requests of view code here:
GNURoot Debian has not been maintained in over a year and is broken in many ways.
So, I am sending new users to a new app called UserLAnd which has a paid active dev team, but is still open and does most of what GNURoot Debian did, but better.
You are now sent to UserLAnd in the following cases:
1) you are using android 8.0+, because GNURoot Debian is completely broken for those users.
2) you are creating a new rootfs (unless coming from GNURoot Octave or GNURoot Runescape Installer)

>>>Download GNURoot Debian 0.7.0_armhf APK<<<

GNURoot Debian 0.7.0_armhf screenshots 1GNURoot Debian 0.7.0_armhf screenshots 2GNURoot Debian 0.7.0_armhf screenshots 3

>>>Download GNURoot Debian 0.7.0_armhf APK<<<