Duplicates for WhatsApp Download Latest Version APK

Download Duplicates for WhatsApp Latest Version APK

Duplicates for WhatsApp(TM) is a contacts app that saves you lot of time and frustration finding duplicate contacts, reviewing them and then deleting them. Duplicate contacts can be found via 5 different search criterion after which a search is performed and only the duplicate WhatsApp contacts are shown.

All duplicate contacts are checked and you can choose the delete option to remove them (In FREE version you can only delete a maximum of 180 contacts at one time).

The algorithm used in Duplicates for WhatsApp(TM) insures that only the duplicates are selected and its original (master) is not selected and therefore not deleted. The algorithm also uses a unique color coding scheme so that the original (master) and its duplicates are marked in the same color, allowing you to easily identify the original along with its duplicates.

Apart from finding & deleting your WhatsApp(TM) duplicate contacts you can also do the following with this app:

* There is a dialer that allows you to make calls to contacts
* Do a text based search on all contacts
* Add new contacts
* Edit existing contacts

Note that with the FREE version you can ONLY DELETE 200 duplicate contacts at one time (you can view unlimited duplicate contacts). With the pro version there is no limit on number of contacts you can deleted at a time.

For more information please visit: http://www.coju.mobi
*Reduced file size * Fixed crash issues in some devices*

>>>Download Duplicates for WhatsApp 1.41 APK<<<

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>>>Download Duplicates for WhatsApp 1.41 APK<<<