Thermal Camera Simulated Download Latest Version APK

Download Thermal Camera Simulated Latest Version APK

This app is a realtime thermal camera effect that simulates a infrared camera.

Have fun with the Thermal Camera. Prank your friends and tell them your phone can detect heat !!

The quality of the images depends of your mobile photographic camera (lens,objetive, CCD, resolution, ISO sensibility…)

This app is only a simulation of thermal camera and it will not detect a real temperature.
Android phones don’t have built-in infrared light sensor or thermal sensor, so they are unable to detect what is hot and what is cold.
– Bugs fixed

>>>Download Thermal Camera Simulated 1.19 APK<<<

Thermal Camera Simulated 1.19 screenshots 1Thermal Camera Simulated 1.19 screenshots 2Thermal Camera Simulated 1.19 screenshots 3

>>>Download Thermal Camera Simulated 1.19 APK<<<

Ghosts Download Latest Version APK

Download Ghosts Latest Version APK

Ghosts & Spirits analyzes the readings of several sensors.

The complete equipment includes:

– Magnetophone: converts the sensor readings into sounds
– Paranormal Detector: detects level of paranormal activity
– Radar Map: draw in the city map the exact point of the detected energy
– Ghost Finder: help to locate focus of energy using gauss field (only in PRO versión)
– Ghost Camera: converts sensor readings into images (only in PRO versión)

We don’t offer guarantees of accuracy or any warranties, therefore, since results from this application cannot be verified scientifically the app should be used for entertainment purposes.
– Bugs fixed

>>>Download Ghosts 1.31 APK<<<

Ghosts 1.31 screenshots 1Ghosts 1.31 screenshots 2Ghosts 1.31 screenshots 3

>>>Download Ghosts 1.31 APK<<<