Anime Screen Lock Download Latest Version APK

Download Anime Screen Lock Latest Version APK

Anime is some / all forms of Japanese animation. It can contain many different genres, and can even be the length of whole movies.
Most anime is combined in the series’ from 12-24, but you can sometimes find anime from over 100 episodes.
The most popular anime in time, or the most overrated (sometimes) are known as “Mainstream anime”.
This is one of the most popular anime in fact with over 200 episodes.Anime can be either subtitles or dubbed.
It is called where there are English actors, replacing the Japanese one. Anime is also known for its huge eyes, because larger eyes in Japan more emotions can be presented.
Anime is an animation style originating from Japan, which is characterized by colorful graphics depicting vivid
characters in action filled with plots often with fantastic or futuristic themes.

The lock screen app features:
? password option
? best system locker replacement
? panel with shortcut buttons to flashlight, camera, etc.
? showing current battery, time and date
? a lot of cool photos

? allow permissions for screen overlay access and system settings
? choose favourite background
? or allow random
? optionally set security password
some fixes

>>>Download Anime Screen Lock 1.2 APK<<<

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>>>Download Anime Screen Lock 1.2 APK<<<